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Air Conditioning

To adjust the temperature, touch the touchscreen once to activate, touch the temperature, and then use the up / down arrows to adjust.  Note that 24 degrees celsius (75 degrees fahrenheit) in conjunction with the ceiling fans  will be quite cool, although the villa will warm up while the sun is shining through the sliding glass doors.  The "Eco" button will set the temperature to 28 degrees celsius.  For optimal operation, the system should be set to "Cooling" and the fan speed to "Auto."

Fire Pit

To light the fire pit, first remove the burner cover and set it aside.  Turn the knob counter-clockwise one quarter turn until the arrows align.  Then push the knob inwards, and while holding it, press the igniter button.  Do this until the pilot lights.  Continue pressing the knob inwards for another 2-3 seconds, and then release and turn it counter-clockwise towards the "On" position.  To turn off the fire pit, turn the control knob clockwise to the "Off" position.  Please replace the pit cover when not in use.

Door Locks

Several exterior doors are fitted with electronic locks.  To unlock, enter the 4-digit code that will be given to you upon check-in and turn the deadbolt clockwise.  To lock, press the "Schlage" logo at the top of the keypad and turn the deadbolt counter-clockwise.

Ceiling Fans

The interior ceiling fans are operated by the switch shown.  There are 3 speed settings (1-3 dots in the 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions on the control).  The fan is turned off by pressing the square at the 6 o'clock position.  The switch below the fan operates the light.  Press and release for on-off, or hold to dim.


To light the BBQ, simply turn each of the 4 large knobs (corresponding to the 4 different burners) to the "light" position as shown.  There is a separate knob for the broiler.


All of the Villa TVs have a similar interface.  To watch cable TV, turn on the TV using the power button on the TV remote, press the "Home" button for the main menu, scroll to "Source" and select the first HDMI source, usually named "HDMI1".  To watch Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, select the appropriate source.


There are 2 internet telephones provided for your convenience, one in the Bahari suite living room and one in the Kiangazi studio suite.  Feel free to make calls to the USA or Canada.

Stand-Up Paddleboards

Each stand-up paddleboard has a shoulder strap that attaches as shown in the photo.  Strap the paddle in as shown and carry the board on your shoulder.

Remote Controls

There is a Cable and a TV remote in each bedroom, living room or studio apartment, as well as a soundbar remote in each living room and studio.  To turn on the TV, turn on the power button on the TV remote.  To watch cable, turn on the cable box using the cable remote.

Outdoor Music

There is a bluetooth adapter in the leftmost cabinet under the outdoor BBQ counter.  It is connected to the 2 overhead speakers.  Simply connect your phone or other device to the "Fosi Audio" device.  Because of the metal cabinet, range is limited to within about 20 feet of the BBQ area.  An Aux cable can also be used.

Mobile Phones

There are 2 local prepaid mobile phones provided for your use.  One of these is on the Flow network, the other on the Digicel network.  They can be topped up at any Digicel or Flow outlet on the island or by purchasing prepaid cards.  These are for local calls only.


There are 2 single and one tandem kayaks on the rack in the garage.  To easily roll a kayak to the beach, lift it onto its side and insert the kayak caddy pegs into the receiving holes on the underside of the kayak as shown.  There is one caddy adjusted to fit each kayak. The caddy for the tandem kayak is the one set for the wider holes.

Hot Tub

The hot tub is operated by the 4-button remote control mounted on the side of the tub.  To turn the heater on, press the "Spa" button.  The red light will flash while it's heating, and will be solid when it has reached 102 degrees. Note that the heater will turn off after an hour.  Press the "Spa" button again to turn it back on.  The "Jets" button turns on the high jets for 15 minutes.


The street gate is opened from the outside by entering the 4-digit code supplied at check-in.  It will open automatically from the inside as a car approaches it.  The gate will close automatically after about 15 seconds.  If required, a remote control will be provided upon check-in.


The "VillaViatu" network covers the entire villa, including outdoor areas.  However, because of the steel-reinforced concrete construction, there are several access points throughout the villa.  Your device may disconnect and reconnect as you move through the villa.  The Wi-Fi password will be given to you at check-in.

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