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Villa Viatu is equipped with 2 single Ocean Kayak Frenzy sit-on-top kayaks and one Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 tandem sit-on-top kayak.  Both have seatbacks for added comfort.  Kayak caddies with wheels make rolling the kayaks to the beach a cinch.  And for added safety, PFDs in adult and kid sizes are on hand.  Emerald Point, here we come!!!


Explore the whole of Provo on a Beach Cruiser, or just ride down to Grace Bay Village for an ice cream.  Villa Viatu has 6 cruisers, ready to roll.


The calm ocean waters off Pelican Bay Beach are perfect for trying your hand at Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Villa Viatu provides 2 rigid, lightweight boards, with shoulder carry straps.


Coral Gardens and Smith's Reef are a short drive (or a bike ride) away.  The clear, calm water and offshore reefs make for easy snorkeling, right off the beach.  Barracuda, rays, schools of tropical fish and sea turtles await.  Villa Viatu provides a selection of masks, snorkels and fins.


Long Bay Beach on Provo is perhaps the best spot on earth to learn to kiteboard.  The clear, warm water is waist deep for over a mile offshore, and the winds on that side of the island are steady and consistent.  Villa Viatu does *not* provide any equipment, but there are several schools which run classes and rent equipment on the island, and they'll pick you up right at the villa.


There is plenty to see and do, like taking a tour of the rusted remains of the La Famille Express, an old Russian cargo ship. This is a popular landmark near Providenciales. 


A fishing adventure can be a great way to put some excitement into your Turks and Caicos vacation.


E-foils are small surf boards that are powered by batteries and electric motors, and have masts with hydrofoil wings, which allow the user to rise above the water at faster speeds. 

Boat Rentals

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a wonderful destination to explore by boat. There are countless uninhabited cays and beautiful secluded beaches to experience, as well as the excitement of simply cruising across the turquoise waters surrounding Providenciales.

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